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Hoy se da inicio a uno de los festivales de "Latin jazz" que, en su segunda edición, ya goza de un alto prestigio en Europa, por la calidad y variedad de músicos que toman parte en él. El "Clazz Continental Latin Jazz Festival" se extiende hasta el 1 de julio y en él toman parte, entre otros, el guitarrista brasileño Jayme Marques y los flautistasJorge Pardo y Nestor Torres, esta noche. En las siguientes fechas del festival se presentan David Murray y el Cuban EnsembleBobby Martínez, Elsa Baeza, Manuel Machado, Pepe Rivero, Chano Domínguez, Jerry González, Zenet ySole Giménez, además de otros músicos. El Latin Jazz ha tenido un impresionante desarrollo en España y por lo tanto este festival goza del aporte de nuevas y ya maduras generaciones de buenos exponentes del género, así como de músicos internacionales en giras europeas o residentes en España.

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Kenny Barron - Jazz in Marciac 2010

Mauricio Einhorn com Kiko Continentino - Jazz & Blues Festival de Rio da...

Kenny Barron Well, You Needn't Rio das Ostras Jazz and Blues Festival


Wayne Shorter’s Spontaneous ArtPosted 5/29/2012
An hour before pianist Danilo Pérez went onstage with the Wayne Shorter Quartet on April 28 at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater, he was asked what the group would be playing. He laughed.
“We never know, man.” Well, how did it go last night? “It was exciting—and scary.”
Mere mortals might find it hard to imagine playing a show at New York’s foremost jazz venue, for which the top ticket price was $120, and not having a clue about the set list. But for Shorter’s spectacular sidemen—Pérez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade—it’s all in a night’s work.
This quartet, an unsurpassed improvisational machine, specializes in the impossible: music that seems impossible to write or play (unless you happen to be a member). Of course, they could rely on the formidable body of work of Shorter, one of jazz’s greatest living composers, but apparently that’s not enough of a challenge.
Instead, they create new music every night—an in-the-moment mix of hair-raising group improv with occasional references to Shorter’s book. They like to call it “comprovisation.” Although the style is nominally post-bop, the music is as unique as the virtuosos who play it.
More importantly, it is the realization of Shorter’s singular vision. Over the course of a six-decade career, his music often has been called cerebral; actually, it’s metaphysical. A practicing Buddhist for decades, his creations clearly come from a deeply spiritual place where nothing is more important than the moment. The Lincoln Center audience was totally absorbed, but it was absorption more of the ecstatic kind than the intellectual kind.
Before the show, Patitucci had revealed that Shorter, 78, was still recovering from gall-bladder surgery only a week earlier. “But he came back yesterday and played hard all night,” Patitucci said. “It’s so selfless of him.”
At the Rose Theater, the quartet opened with a sustained 37-minute improvisation that began with an other-worldly chromatic melody line played by Pérez in the piano’s upper register, set against dissonant clusters, alternating ostinatos and cello-like bowing by Patitucci, along with Blade’s urgent side-stick, cymbal and hi-hat work. Taking it all in, Shorter, slightly stooped in a black tunic, leaned on the Steinway, listening intently before entering with a few breathy whole notes on tenor. He was clearly pacing himself. As the improvisation built up a head of steam, gentle contemplation gave way to toots, whoops and grunts, then full-force legato runs; now he was all the way back and in command.
These players listen hard to each other. “Wayne always wants us to take big chances and be vulnerable enough to reach out your arms and take the other guys with you and go together,” Patitucci explained. “He’s one of the most unselfish people to play with—he always leaves space for the other musicians. He has no shortage of technique, but he has no need to show off. His playing is deeply emotional—it’s not just craft.”
Nevertheless, there was marvelous craft on display: Pérez’s dazzling classical technique, at times evoking French Impressionism; Patitucci’s quick, daring leaps up the neck to the upper register; and Blade flinging himself around the kit like a mad marionette, sometimes looking as though the drums were playinghim.
If it seemed as if there were five “songs” in the 100-minute concert, it was only that the audience, confronted with pauses in the action, interpreted them as endings and interrupted with applause. Along the way, the group alighted upon several Shorter classics, including “Joy Ryder,” “She Moves Through The Fair” and “Plaza Real,” as well as the more recent “Starry Night” and “Zero Gravity.” In a tip of the hat to more traditional jazz, the quartet encored with the poignant standard “All By Myself.” Shorter played it straight, stating the haunting melody on soprano, before he and Pérez deconstructed it with expert support from Patitucci and Blade.
But this evening was not about the past. It was about creating beauty together in the moment. Pérez recalled an anecdote from long ago: Before an important concert, he asked the old master, “Are we going to rehearse?” “He answered, ‘You can’t rehearse the unknown.’”
 Allen Morrison

Danilo Pérez (left) and Wayne Shorter (Photo: Fran Kaufman)

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Corea, Clarke & White "My One and Only Love" Live Argentina

Wayne Shorter Quartet - Zero Gravity/ Lotus 2010


En la cartelera de jazz que publica los martes JazzWeek, el pianistaEric Reed aparece en el tercer lugar con su álbum The Baddest Monk, habiendo ocupado en puesto 19 hace siete días. Arturo Sandovalsigue a la cebeza seguido de Brian Broomberg. El pianista Brad Mehldau aparece por primera vez entre los 10 primeros con su álbumOde, y John Pizzarelli es desplazado del tercer lugar al décimotercero. Estos son los 10 primeros puestos en la cartelera de jazz de esta semana:

01 Arturo Sandoval, Dear Diz, Everyday I Think Of You
02 Brian Brromberg, Compared To That
03 Eric Reed, The Baddest Monk
04 Ahmad Jamal, Blue Moon
05  Jazz Soul Sever, Impressions Of Curtis Mayfield
06  Amina Figarova, Twelve
07  Beegie Adair, The Real Thing
08 Brad Mehldau Trio, Ode
09 Stacey Kent, Dreamer In
10 Tony Monaco, Celebration Life Love Music


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The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) and WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM have announced the inaugural James Moody Democracy of Jazz Festival, a weeklong celebration of jazz and the musical legacy of longtime Newark resident James Moody (pictured above). Bassist and composer Christian McBride serves as the artistic adviser of the Festival, which will take place October 15-21, 2012, at the Arts Center and various nearby venues.
“It is an incredible honor to help usher in a new jazz tradition at NJPAC,” said McBride. “We are assembling a spectacular group of top talent that is going to bring the house down, as well as embody the legacy of New Jersey’s own jazz icon and our friend, Mr. James Moody. I am thrilled to be part of it.
The Moody Festival will be highlighted by two mainstage concerts: “For Love of Moody: A Jazz Celebration” featuring George Benson, The Manhattan Transfer, David Sanborn and others; and “Miles Davis and Gil Evans: Still Ahead,”—an all-star re-creation of the landmark original Gil Evans arrangements of the classic Miles Davis recordings Porgy and Bess, Sketches of Spain and Miles Ahead—featuring trumpeters Terence Blanchard and Sean Jones, an orchestra directed by Vince Mendoza, and others.
In addition to the headliner concerts, the Festival will also feature the inauguration of The Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition and the world premiere of a new jazz musical for children, Magic Tree House: A Night in New Orleans, based on the popular books by best-selling authorMary Pope Osborne.
“This is just very exciting for all of us,” said Linda Moody, the honoree’s widow. “Moody would be so thrilled with the whole idea. Newark was where his life was. He would also be surprised and probably would have said, ‘Why do they want to name a festival after me?’”
“This Festival will give Newark and the Arts Center the chance to take center stage in the jazz universe and pay homage to one of the great men of music,” said NJPAC President and CEO John Schreiber, a longtime friend of the Festival’s namesake. “Jazz is the most democratic of musics. Great jazz demands collaboration, respect, listening and creativity among musicians. Moody exemplified all those traits in his life and his playing. The James Moody Democracy of Jazz Festival will celebrate Moody’s lifelong spirit of collaboration and unconditional love for humanity.”
A donation will be made by the Festival to the CFNJ James Moody Jazz Scholarship Fund for Newark Youth.
For more information or to buy tickets, go to Festival tickets, available now, can also be purchased by telephone at 1-888-466-5722 or at the NJPAC Box Office at One Center Street in downtown Newark (open Tuesday-Saturday, noon to 6 p.m, and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.)



Jeff “Tain” Watts
(Dark Key)
Jeff “Tain” Watts is among the most gifted drummers of his generation, a timekeeper who moderates tremendous technical skills with a rare understanding of when to lay back and when to let loose. And while his efforts as a bandleader and composer aren’t as celebrated as his work with the Marsalis brothers and other jazz stars, the recordings on which his name appears above the title — not just on back-cover credits — provide consistently entertaining forums for his music.
On [i]Family[i], Watts teams with saxophonist Steve Wilson, upright bassist James Genus and pianist David Kikoski. All are formidable talents, but none so famous — or inclined — to force the drummer to fight for attention on his own session. Watts remains the focus of the album, even while sharing the spotlight.
On the opening title track, Watts lays down a subtle but beguiling rhythm, which Kikoski echoes. Then, Wilson enters astride a melodic theme that offers him many opportunities to stretch. The sax-drums interplay on key solos brims with precision and passion.
The next cut, “Of August Moon,” is intermittently herky-jerky, keeping listeners off-balance in an intriguing way. “Goldaze” traffics in thrilling tension. Watts plays between sonic explosions, his drums vibrating with the expectation of blasts to come. But he proves just as comfortable bringing the swing on “Jonesin’ (for Elvin),” gracefully navigating “A Wreath for John T. Smith” and jousting with the entire crew on the final “Torch E-Ternal.”
All the tunes on [i]Family[i] may not be classic, but the manner in which Watts surveys them most certainly is.
— Michael Roberts


Terell Stafford Quintet feat. Mulgrew Miller - Blues for J.T.

Phineas Newborn Jr. Trio - Jazz Scene USA 1961

Jimmy Smith - Jazz Scene USA 1962

Barney Kessel Jazz Scene USA

JJ Johnson - Autumn Leaves

Matt Warnock & Holly Holmes - "It's Easy to Remember"


O “I Festival de Jazz & Blues – No Improviso” que há dois meses vem movimentando Curitiba, dá sequência a sua programação, a partir hoje, no Teatro Bom Jesus (Rua 24 de Maio, 135) com uma audição de vinil e mostra fotográfica, aberta ao público, que traz registros de grandes referências dos nomes que participam do evento, como o bluesman Flávio Guimarães, Ari Borges, entre outros. A grande atração da terceira edição é a cantora, compositora e violonista Badi Assad, conhecida internacionalmente por experimentações sonoras com voz e corpo, que fará duas apresentações e vai ministrar um workshop, de sexta a domingo (29 de junho a 1 de julho).  Na sexta-feira, Badi abre a série de apresentações com uma jam session com o curitibano Murillo da Rós, às 20h30. Já no sábado, a musicista paulistana apresenta seu show baseado no DVD “Badi Assad” (2010), referente aos primeiros 20 anos de carreira - grande parte desse tempo fora do Brasil - e no seu primeiro CD autoral, “Amores e Outras Manias Crônicas”, com lançamento previsto para setembro deste ano, a partir das 20h30, no Teatro Bom Jesus. Para encerrar, no domingo, ela ministra um workshop sobre as formas diferentes de ouvir e viver a música, a partir das 16h. As oficinas têm como objetivo estimular a pesquisa, a percepção musical e o intercâmbio de ideias entre os artistas e o público. Com dez álbuns lançados pelo mundo e muitos deles premiados (Wonderland, de 2006, considerado pela BBC de Londres um dos 100 melhores álbuns do ano e o 27º destaque do ranking da, Badi já foi eleita uma das melhores violonistas do planeta pela revista americana Guitar Player. Trabalhou com artistas como Bob McFerrin, Yo-Yo-Ma, Sarah McLaughlin, Seu Jorge, Elba Ramalho, Naná Vasconcelos e Toquinho, entre tantos outros. Apresentou-se em vários festivais internacionais e teve sua música "Waves" na trilha musical do filme "It runs in the family". Os 20 anos de carreira foram comemorados em 2010 com o lançamento do seu DVD intitulado Badi Assad, pela Biscoito Fino.
O “I Festival de Jazz & Blues – No Improviso” que estreou em abril com a participação do bluesman Flávio Guimarães, contou com a participação internacional da Luther College Orchestra e o pianista e organista Ari Borger, receberá até outubro os músicos Nuno Mindelis, Igor Prado e Celso Blues Boy em sua programação mensal. Além dos shows, o festival contempla apresentações improvisadas no formato de jam sessions dos convidados com outros artistas.

Realizado com incentivo fiscal, por meio da Lei Rouanet, o I Festival de Jazz & Blues – No Improviso tem o apoio do Hospital Pequeno Príncipe, que também sediará shows em suas instalações. Os ingressos para a jam session, show e workshop de Badi Assad estão à venda nas Livrarias Curitiba (Boca Maldita, Rua XV de Novembro, Rebouças e nos shoppings: Mueller, Curitiba, Estação Palladium, Park Shopping Barigui e São José), Alô Ingressos (, na bilheteria do Teatro Bom Jesus.

A cantora, compositora e violinista paulistana, Badi Assad, eleita uma das melhores violinistas do planeta pela revista norte-americana Guitar Player, comanda a terceira edição do “I Festival de Jazz & Blues – No Improviso”, que será realizado no Teatro Bom Jesus, a partir desta segunda-feira, com mostra fotográfica e audição de vinil. Na sexta-feira, sábado e domingo (de 29 de junho a 1 de julho), a musicista realiza shows e workshop. A programação terá ainda três meses de duração e conta com participações de grandes nomes do gênero no Brasil. Grandes nomes que participam do evento, como o bluesman Flávio Guimarães, Ari B

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Después de varios meses de que no se publicaba la cartelera de jazz semanal de JazzWeek (desde enero), la lista ha retornado gracias a los oficios de una nueva compañía que maneja las estadísticas de radiodifusión en EEUU y Canadá. En la cartelera de esta semana aparece en primer lugar el trompetista Arturo Sandoval con su homenaje en el sello Concord a su mentor, Dizzy Gillespie. El retorno de la cartelera especializada en el género ha sido recibido con beneplácito por la comunidad de jazz. Los siguientes son los 10 primeros lugares esta semana:

01 Arturo Sandoval, Dear Diz, Everyday I Think Of You
02 Brian Broomberg, Compared To That
03 John Pizzarelli, Double Exposure
04 Amina Figarova, Twelve
05 Jazz Soul Seven, Impressions of Curtis Mayfield
06 Ahmad Jamal, Blue Moon
07 Bria Skonberg, So Is The Day
08 Steve Kuhn/Steve Swallow/Joey Baron, Wisteria
09 Merlody Gardot, The Absence
10 Tony Monaco, Celebration Life Love Music

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Inverno, mar e jazz em São Sebastião


Nesta sexta, (22/06) os amantes do jazz poderão conferir a abertura da segunda edição do Ilha de Toque Toque Jazz Festival. A atração terá início às 21horas com uma convidada internacional, a australiana Jazz MacFarlane, no Teatro Municipal de São Sebastião. Os ingressos ainda estão à venda pelo preço de R$ 20 (R$10 meia entrada).
Dando continuidade ao festival, desta vez no Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel, o público vai poder conferir no próximo sábado, 23, um belíssimo show da cantora brasileira Izzy Gordon, conhecida mundialmente. A artista virá acompanhada da irreverência e perfeição do trombonista Bocato, fundador da Banda Metalurgia.
O evento é organizado pelo Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel e pela Barraventoartes. (Shows no Hotel - dias 23 e 30 de junho. Pacotes de hospedagem dão direito ao coquetel e show. Ingressos avulsos limitados, ao preço de R$ 150,00 cada. Informações 12 3864-9112 e

joshua redman peter martin peter bernstein brian blade chris thomas inmo...

ray brown trio + jim hall = johnny griffin geoff kezzer greg hutchinson

Cees Slinger- Ray Brown - John Engels "Alone Together"


  • Ingressos para o Maringá Jazz Festival estão esgotados

  • Wilame Prado
                                                     Esgotaram-se os ingressos para o Maringá Jazz Festival, que acontece nas noites desta sexta-feira (22) e sábado (23), a partir das 20h, no Teatro Marista. A distribuição dos ingressos, que eram gratuitos, foi iniciada na manhã desta quinta-feira (21).
Segundo o produtor executivo William Fischer, que promove o Maringá Jazz Festival pela BWA Cultura, por volta das 14h de hoje os cerca de 700 ingressos (número de poltronas do teatro) para cada dia de festival já tinham sido todos distribuídos.
Nesta sexta-feira, abre o festival o Duo Sciotti, formado pelos irmãos Derico e Sérgio Sciotti. Derico ficou conhecido principalmente por integrar, há mais de 20 anos, o Sexteto, banda do Programa do Jô, exibido pela Rede Globo. Na mesma noite, o grande grupo Lilian Carmona Band também toca.
No sábado, Marvio Ciribelli (quinteto) e Victor Biglione (trio) encerram o Maringá Jazz Festival. Fischer, contente com a grande procura pelo festival do público maringaense, diz já estar pensando em outros eventos culturais na cidade envolvendo músicas. "Gostaríamos de transformar este festival em um grande acontecimento musical para Maringá. Queremos a participação de músicos locais. Da UEM, com sua orquestra. De espaços para shows ao ar livre. Salas para workshops, cursos e muito mais", diz.
*Confira, na edição impressa desta sexta-feira do Diário, entrevista exclusiva com o músico Derico e outras informações do Maringá Jazz Festival.

Tommy Flanagan,Benny Carter - On Green Dolphin Street

Martin Sasse feat. Vincent Herring

esperanza spalding - I know you know

June Christy 1950

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El llamado "Coloso" del saxo tenor, Sonny Rollins, obtuvo anoche tres galardones en los prestigiosos Jazz Awards, de la JJA (Asociación de periodistas de jazz), los que se suman a una larga lista de honores y premios recibidos en su carrera musical.

Las categorías en las que ganó fueron "Músico del año", "Mejor álbum del año" y "Mejor saxofonista tenor". Entre los otros galardonados se destacan el pianista y compositor Horace Silver, que recibió el premio "Logro de toda una vida", a los 83 años de edad; Maria Schneider fue elegida la "Compositora y arreglista" del año; "Grupo grande del año", Mingus Big Band; y "Grupo pequeño", Joe Lovano Us Five.Otros premios individuales recateron sobre Kurt Elling y Gretchen Parlato, vocalistas; Ambrose Akinmusire, trompeta; Wycliffe Gordon, trombón; Anat Cohen, variedad de cañas; Rudresh Mahanthappa, saxo alto: Gary Smulian, saxo barítono; Jane Ira Bloom, saxo soprano; Nichole Mitchell, flauta; Bill Frisell, guitarra; Vijay Iyer, piano; Christian McBride, contrabajo; Regina Carter, violín;Poncho Sánchez, percusión; Gary Burton, vibráfono; Roy Haynes, batería; y Toots Thielemans, armónica. Además de los músicos de jazz, la Asociación de periodistas de jazz, como en todos los años, galardonó a una serie de reporteros y comentaristas del año.

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Más honores para Wayne Shorter
El famoso saxofonista y compositor Wayne Shorter va a ser honrado en la 29 entrega anual de galardones de la Los Angeles Jazz Society, en octubre, según anunció dicha entidad cultural. Shorter será el músico que recibirá este tributo en 2012. La ceremonia se realizará en una comida de gala en el Hilton Los Angeles Universal City. Habrá también un concieerto en el que tomará parte el propio Wayne Shorter y amigos, además de los tríos de John Pisano, Denise Donatelli y Jamael Dean Dana. La Sociedad de jazz de Los Ángeles se fundó en 1985 y desde entonces otorga un galardón anual a músicos por su aporte al desarrollo del género. Wayne Shorter, que se dio a conocer en los Jazz Messengers de Art BLakey, después en uno de los más célebres quintetos de Miles Davis y posteriormente como co-fundador de Weather Report, ha recibido 9 galardones Grammy, un Doctorado Honris causa, el premio Miles Davis e innumerables otros reconocimientos. Desde el año 2000 Shorter encabeza y toca en grupos de formatos pequeños, cuartetos integrados por gigantes del jazz, principalmente.  


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Jazz in Antibes Johnny Griffin - Sax Ronnie Matthews Ray Drummond Kenny...

Cedar Walton, Ray Brown, Mickey Roker

Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra with Donald Harrison - I'm the Big Chief of Co...

Chick Corea, Vinnie Colaiuta,John Patitucci- Live at blue note, tokyo 1992

Dee Dee Bridgewater

Rachelle Ferrel - Live in Montreux 1997

Jazz Collection

Bill Evans Trio on Jazz 625 (FULL)

"I'll Be Around" - The Bill Holman Big Band featuring Andy Martin (Live ...





Musa do jazz, Stacey Kent anuncia que fará quatro shows no Brasil

domingo, 17 de junho de 2012 • 18:19
Cantora norte-americana Stacey Kent (foto) anuncia quatro apresentações no Brasil em novembro
A cantora Stacey Kent, conhecida como "a musa do jazz", anuncia que fará quatro apresentações no Brasil em novembro, passando por Rio, São Paulo, Curitiba e Belo Horizonte.

A artista traz para o país o repertório do recém-lançado "Dreamer in Concert", que gravou ao vivo. A cantora será acompanhada pelo saxofonista Jim Tomlinson, com quem é casada.

No Rio, Kent se apresenta em 27 de novembro, no Citibank Hall. Clientes Credicard, Citibank e Diners contam com pré-venda exclusiva entre 30 de julho e 5 de agosto, enquanto o público em geral poderá adquirir os ingressos a partir de 6 de agosto.

Em São Paulo, o show será no dia 28, no Teatro Abril, enquanto em Curitiba será no Teatro Positivo, no dia 29. O último show será em Belo Horizonte, no dia 30 de novembro, no Sesc Palladium. Para as três cidades, os ingressos estarão disponíveis para o público a partir de 30 de julho.

O elogiado "Close Your Eyes" (1997) foi o primeiro dos oito álbuns gravados pela cantora, que participou de três CDs de Tomlinson. Seu repertório se concentrou em clássicos da canção norte-americana, assinados por autores como Cole Porter, Irving Berlin e Richard Rogers.

Em seu disco, "Breakfast on the Morning Tram", Kent gravou "Samba Saravah", versão em francês do clássico da bossa-nova "Samba da Bênção", de Vinicius de Moraes.

Fonte: Folha

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Jazz Masters Vintage Collection 1958-1959

Thelonious Monk Live in '66

Miles Davis Live + Oscar Peterson Waltz for Debbie etc.. 63-64

Michel Petrucciani Trio - Live in Concert - Stuttgart 1998

Roy Hargrove's Crisol with Chucho Valdes Live (1997)

Herbie Hancock- Live in Europe at Stravinski Hall- Montreux '97

Michel Camilo LIVE! @ 35 Festival de Jazz Vitoria-Gasteiz 2011 (FULL)

sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012


Steve Kuhn Trio, Wisteria (ECM)
This trio date is a meeting of familiar masters. In the liner notes to Wisteria, pianist Steve Kuhn points out that he has played with bassist Steve Swallow for more than 50 years, and he’s worked with drummer Joey Baron for more than 20 years; however, this album marks the first time that these musicians have ever played together as a trio. The album’s centerpiece, a gorgeous arrangement of Carla Bley’s “Permanent Wave,” illustrates a deep musical empathy that comes from years of experience. On the title track (penned by Kuhn’s one-time employer Art Farmer), the combination of Baron’s subtle brushwork, the pianist’s elegantly melodic lines and Swallow’s supple solo adds up to a magnificent tearjerker. On “Romance,” Baron’s cymbals evoke the hushed whispers of lovers entwined. Elsewhere, an arrangement of Kuhn’s “Pastorale” puts Swallow in the spotlight, making his electric bass the lead instrument for about half the tune before Kuhn’s c -harming commentary provides emotional heft to the tale. There is also some uptempo material here that seriously swings. If someone unfamiliar with Kuhn were to hear his buoyant original tune “A Likely Story”—with its cascading notes and the pianist’s fleet fingers flying—one would never guess that the composer was 73 years old at the time of this recording. Four of the CD’s 11 tracks were given a different treatment on 2004’s Promises Kept (ECM), which featured a 15-piece string orchestra, but here the focus is on the poignancy and spaciousness of a terrific piano trio.


Último festival Playboy de Bill Cosby
El actor, comediante, baterista de jazz y promotor Bill Cosby ha anunciado que después de 30 años de participar en el legendario Playboy Jazz Festival como maestro de ceremonias, este será su último año. Cosby se había transformado en una figura integral de dicho evento anual en elHollywood Bowl, que en esta ocasión  se realizará este fin de semana, (16 y 17 de junio), en el que cae el día del padre en EEUU. Desde que Bill Cosby comenzó a ser el maestro de ceremonias del festival, ha presentado unas 500 horas de jazz en vivo a cerca de un tercio de millón de personas. En ese lapso tuvo la suerte de presentar a músicos geniales de la talla de Miles Davis, Benny Goodman, Sarah Vaughan, Lionel Hampton, Herbie Hancok, Ray Charles, Wynton Marsalis, Etta James, Dianne Reeves, Joni Mitchell, Weather Report, Al Jarreau, Tony Bennett, Jamie Cullum, y muchos otros. En los años 90 formó su propio conjunto que fue cambiando de personal año a año, con el que también se presentó en ese festival. Entre los músicos que toman parte este fin de semana se cuentan Christian McBride Big Band, Sharon Jones, Boney James, The Cookers, Chico Trujillo, Terri Lynne Carrington´s Mosaic Project, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Ramsey Lewis y decenas de otros.NOTICIASJAZZBLOGSPOT.COM